23 Feb 2019

Pre-employment Re-training for NURSES!

Pre-employment Re-training for NURSES!
– Bridging Nurses to the World of Work.

While reviewing for NLE, a pre-employment interview (and possible contract signing) is conducted by hospital members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAPI).

Nurses will have resume posted at nursesDB which will simplify Job Matching process ONLINE powered by CBRC.

After NLE and while waiting for results, the aspiring RN will undergo TRAININGS (Soft Skills and Job-related Certification Programs, in cooperation with the PHAPI and possible Certification).

As soon as the aspirants pass the NLE, they are deployed ti their hospital of choice awaiting their employment.

There are also JOB MATCHING Opportunities with legitimate foreign employment agencies.

Watch out for MORE.

Visit your nearest CBRC nationwide for more details.