10 Jun 2018

Villamarzo: A Race of a PWD for the License

Villamarzo: A Race of a PWD for the License

They say when you have all the goods to chase a dream, run after it. But what if there’s the dream, there’s the purpose but running seems impossible? Those questions didn’t even faze our PWD from Lucena because of his steadfast conviction.

Meet Sir Alden Villamarzo. He serves as the President of the Samahan ng mga May Kapansanan in Mauban, Quezon.
He graduated from a different course in 1994 and took the LET 20 years after.
But time, age and even his disability cannot push our teacher off the track.

The board exam is hard as it is for people without disabilities but that is what pushed Sir Alden to run a seemingly impossible race.

Like a determined racer, he knew that there will be bumps on his road but trodding slowly will get him to his destination.

His license journey is vitalized by the advocacies of his PWD assemblage.

As you can see, not all people who run a difficult race end up with a trophy. Some, like Sir Alden, ends up with a powerful voice with a purpose.

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