10 Jun 2018

From blackout to a bright future, April Manguiat, the Blind LPT

From blackout to a bright future, April Manguiat, the Blind LPT

Like in the story of the Pandora’s box, hope manifests only after all the sorrows have escaped. Same with our blind passer April Manguiat.

Hope made her strong to surpass the challenges life threw at her which is why she reaped all the rewards when the LET results came out. Here is her story.

For a visually impaired dreamer, Teacher April was inspired by her teachers in high school which pushed her to pursue dream which seemed impossible.

From a simple nudge from the people who supported her sprouted a passion which drove her to defy the limits of her disability.

She knew inside her that the only key in the success of her fight is her faith in herself, despite her physical condition.

Of course, trying times are inevitable for her. But Teacher April used them as stepping stones for her passion in teaching.

Of course, like any other dreamer, her driving force comes from the core of her persona.

A differently abled friend told me that a person with disability doesn’t really entail that there are things that you cannot do. Actually, you can also do anything you put your heart into, just like anybody else. You just have to do things in a tad different way.

Researcher: Joyzee Ranara, Charlie Dujali

Writer: Joyzee Ranara

Editor: Radge Cabral

Producer: Dr. Carl Balita