10 Jun 2018

Abdul-Ladzugan: Juggling a re-arranged life for the pursuit of the license

Abdul-Ladzugan:Juggling a re-arranged life for the pursuit of the license

Her time line might seem a bit disorganized, but this is the story of how the stars lined up for Ms. Pahima Abdul-Ladzugan our LPT from Kidapawan.

From being a college drop-out she became a full-time mother at the young age of 17. Fast forward to 8 years after, she became an academic scholar, graduated as a Cum Laude and now, she sports her newly acquired title, as LPT.

Her husband felt that sending Ms. Pahima to school would be hard, especially with 4 kids, but he supported her dreams all the way. She continued her studies at the Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College where she took up Bachelor of Elementary Education.

Juggling pursuing her dreams and taking care of her family was hard enough for her and her husband, coupled with the additional finances plus her newborn baby, the thought of someday, this’ll all be worth it and her kids will be proud of her, became her source of strength every single day.

After the sacrifices that consumed most of her time balancing her priorities, she graduated as a Cum Laude and was offered a review scholarship at the CBRC Kidapawan branch. After 3 months of review, her hard work paid off when her eldest child told her the good news.

Ms. Pahima proved that there’s no such thing as “too late”. To the dreamers and soon-to-be licensed professionals out there, maybe your time hasn’t arrived yet, maybe it’s taking you a bit longer than you’ve anticipated, maybe your journey is a bit different but one thing’s for sure—one way or another, you’re gonna get there.

Researcher: Joyzee Ranara

Writer: Joyzee Ranara

Editor: Radge Cabral

Producer: Dr. Carl Balita