15 May 2018



Are you ready to be mind blown? Here are the top 10 famous brand names that most people have been mispronouncing all this time!

1. Nutella

People usually say NUH-TELL-UH but in reality it is really NEW-TELL-UH.

2. Nike

This brand is usually pronounced as NYKE yet it’s supposed to be NI-KEY.

3. Hyundai

We often hear this car brand pronounced as HI-UN-DYE when it is actually HUN-DAY.

4. Adobe

Some actually think that this software is called A-DOBE but it is UH-DOE-BE.

5. Nestle

Now this one is cringe-worthy. A lot of people pronounce this brand as NES-SEL. It is NEST-LAY.

6. Adidas

Contrary to the usual utterance of Uh-DEE-das, it is actually AH-dee-das.

7. Heinz

Ketchup lovers! HEYNZ is actually pronounced as HAYNZ.

8. Sega

Players can relate to this one. SAY-GA is actually SEE-GA.

9. Amazon

Before shopping on AMA-ZOHN remember that its correct pronunciation is actually AMA-ZUN.

10. Avon

And finally, be ready because A-VAWN is really pronounced as A-ONE!

Admit it. You’re amazed, right? Watch out as we rectify more mispronounced English words only here on CNL Language Day.