23 May 2018

A Mangyan Teacher, the Story of Lucy Quinto

A Mangyan Teacher, the Story of Lucy Quinto

It has been said that dreams are free, so dream big. That is the life principle of our Mangyan teacher, Lucy Quinto, who didn’t let her ethnicity nor her financial constraints shake her from becoming the teacher she envisioned herself to be.

Like any other young dreamer, Lucy had big plans for herself. She thought of the things she can do to her Mangyan tribe with her innate talents, amidst the financial constraints of her family.

Braving the distance and the tough roads from her tribe going to her school didn’t even faze our Mangyan teacher.
Is it hard pursuing becoming a teacher especially with your ethnicity? What were your struggles and hardships prior to taking the board?

The challenges she was faced with was immediately transformed into her driving force to further pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.
How did you study for the board exam? What are the things that you have to sacrifice in order to succeed?

Once equipped with her long-awaited license, the plans she have for her tribe and her future students will also be transformed into reality.

Apparently, for a person as small as Teacher Lucy, her dreams are more monumental than the things she can perceive. After all like what she said, it’s free.

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